2012 TechFest

The Spring 2012 TechFest, January 11, 2012, offers an opportunity for faculty to share their ideas and innovations in using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

The presenters and their e-poster session topics are listed below:

  • Cathy McCabe, ESL/Linguistics
    Student Projects using Microsoft Photo Story 3
  • Jennifer Smith, Nursing
    Nursing Informatics Project: An Interactive Electronic Medical Record Tutorial
  • Terry Morris, Computer Information Systems
    Provide Immediate Feedback with an Online Formative Assessment
  • Kim Fournier, Library
    Digital Library Resources for Online Course Design
  • Jennifer Bell & Devin Chambers, Adult Education/GED
    Connecting to Students with Facebook and GoogleVoice
  • Stephen Crow
    Alternative Student Expressions: A video option vs. written paper
  • Andy Geary, Mathematics
    Communicating with JING
  • Dave Braunschweig, Computer Information Systems
    Tablet Friendly Blackboard Course Design
  • Kathleen Reynolds, ESL/Linguistics
    Fill It Up! Using Fillable Forms in Microsoft Word
  • Joe Wachter, Chemistry
    Lecture Capture Podcast Videos using PDF Annotator and Camtasia
  • Sunil Koswatta, Mathematics
    Inline Mathematics Typesetting in Blackboard
  • Pearl Ratunil, English
    Start Texting in Class: Using Smartphone in Classroom Instruction
  • Amy Kammerman, Library
    Google Like You Mean It
  • Sue Bajt, Computer Information Systems
    Wikibooks for Computer Information Systems
  • Mark Healy, Economics
    Screencasts using JING
  • Dominique Svarc, Accounting
    5 Minute Lectures
  • Maggie Geppert, Physics
    Chemistry Lab Craziness: A Physicist in Crisis
  • Karen Chandra, Nursing
    Teaching Innovations: Fostering Students Creativity and Learning
  • Shante Bishop & Stephanie Whalen, Reading
    Module Guides

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