What's New? Tablet PCs!

Andy Geary's Introduction to the Tablet Computer workshops have been filling fast with engaged and enthusiastic Harper College faculty members who are using tablet notebook PCs in a pilot program this semester. The workshop provides a demonstration of the use of the tablet and pen; along with an overview of several applications, including Windows Journal, Microsoft OneNote, and PDF Annotator. Andy Geary has pioneered the use of a tablet PC at Harper College in his mathematics classes.

Instructional Uses of Tablet PCs

There are many instructional uses for tablet PCs. For example, connected to an overhead projection system a tablet PC offers flexibility to classroom instructors, providing the ability to easily add annotations to PowerPoint presentations.

Beyond PowerPoint

Microsoft OneNote documents can be created for display with key concepts and blank areas for in-class diagramming or graphing. Unlike a whiteboard, which cannot be easily saved and distributed to students, the class notes created on a tablet PC can be exported to PDF format and distributed to students for reference and study.

Providing Feedback to Students

PDF Annotator can be used by instructors to provide more personal, handwritten feedback on student writing assignments.

Workshop Information

Check out the Center for Innovative Instruction's blog at http://harperdoit.wordpress.com for workshop dates and times.

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